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                              Service commitment: the beginnings and ends, sincerity, high quality, sincere service

                              We will be happy to provide you with quality and convenient service!

                              Service Process:


                              Pre-sale services

                              Research to understand the construction of your project needs, provide professional advice and answers to your technical solutions tailored for you, to help your product selection.

                              2, to provide you with the product manual, if you need we will provide a product prototype, and invite you to the company site visits, to provide a reference to your purchasing decisions.

                              3, build customer profiles and customer profiles into the company database, order tracking service.


                              The sale of services

                              1, the strict performance of the contract, to strengthen quality control, good products, technical information, shipping work.

                              You explain in detail the product works and operation, provide timely product technical questions and support guidance.


                              After-sales service

                              1, installation and commissioning of guidance products, and product maintenance, in order to extend the life of the product, durable, and energy conservation.

                              2, products where used in the normal range and without overhaul fails month replacement warranty service within one year. Product technology and quality issues,

                                 If you need to, we will arrange for service personnel arrived at the appointed time, promptly and effectively deal with various issues to be answered within 4 hours.

                              Periodic customer satisfaction surveys to track usage, collect your company's products, services, opinions, and maintain good customer relations, care of the Quartet the photoelectric brand image.

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