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                              I. Strategic thought

                                       Taking great-leap-forward development of the company as objective, insisting on people oriented, establishing scientific human resource management system. Pay attention to idea innovation, system innovation, technology innovation and service innovation; we have established a system and mechanism suitable for gathering and integrated development of talents, so as to set up an elite group with compact structure and high quality, and offer human resource guarantee for the achievement of century enterprise with tens of billions of assets.

                              II. Strategic planning

                              1. Build modern human resource management system

                                Build a complete human resource management system, which is adapt to the strategic development of the company.

                              2. Overall objective for construction of elite group

                              In 2014, the company will have 400 skilled technicians, 50 professional technical leaders and managerial elites, 5 experts, realize the core competitiveness of the company.

                              3. Fully develop human resources

                                 We will guide the actions of the employees. We promote 'management-professional' two roads, such as: professional technical personnel can take the professional development road (trainee-assistant designer-chief designer-senior designer-lead designer) or the divisional management road (director-assistant minister-minister-assistant chief engineer-chief engineer), thus we can offer wide development space for the employees.

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